At Midlothian Happy Paws we offer Group and Individual Dog Walking.

There are many benefits of having your dog walked, from fresh air, the chance to play and interact with others. Dogs are natural pack animals and daily access to the outdoors is particularly key to a dog’s wellbeing as they often do not like being restricted to one place, much like humans!

We understand that some dogs do not always appreciate a group environment, whether this has been from a previous experience. Your dog may be an older dog or perhaps they have an injury, this is why we can happily tailor individual dog walking packages to suit you and your dog’s circumstances.

Nonetheless whichever dog walk you require for your dog Midlothian Happy Paws can accommodate, giving your dog regular exercise and the mental stimulation to reduce behaviour issues.

We can offer dog walking from 1 hour or more dependent on your requirements - additional time can be discussed and groups will contain no more than 8 dogs. Midlothian Happy Paws endeavour to walk well socialised dogs with no history of aggression.

Being in the heart of Midlothian to the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland means we have an abundance of walking areas on our doorstep, of which we are very familiar with. There are plenty of Regional Parks and off the beat tracks to choose from where your dog will get a good play and run. Our own dogs finish most days tired and snoozing from our local walks which are made up of; Pentland Hills, Penicuik Estate, Roslin Glen, Forestry Commission Walks and more.

Your dog will be transported in one of our Midlothian Happy Paws Pet Taxi, - our vans are fully fitted with 8 individual bespoke rubber matted cages with front and back entrance points, to ensure safety at all times. The crates are Vet Bedded and contain Travel Water Bowls. We carry all the necessities on board, such as blankets, towels, washers, water and First Aid. Our vans are also fully Air Conditioned and have Electric fitted Ventilation to control air flow.

We ask that all dogs are wormed and preferably vaccinated, including Kennel Cough to safeguard other dogs in their company.

Midlothian Happy Paws Dog Walking does not include pick up and drop off times. All our dog walking start at the walk location to ensure the agreed ‘walk’ time/s are maximised as best as possible.

After dog walking your dog will be towel dried on return, and we can feed and top up water when we drop them back off at your home.