Midlothian Happy Paws Pet Sitting is a service catered for Cats and Smaller Animals and is suited for the times you are away from home either on holiday, business or having that much needed long weekend away.


Cats are indeed independent by nature and are a pet that suits most modern lifestyles; however in your absence they are not quite able to take care of themselves, which is where Midlothian Happy Paws are here to help in Pet Sitting your cat!

From experience cats we have owned have always found catteries to be stressful and whilst the care given is always to a high, professional standard cats generally prefer their home environment with minimal disruption to their routine.

Our Cat Visit/s include playtime – cats love to play, toy mice, string or even the less expensive empty box seems to amuse cats! We will keep your cat mentally stimulated to keep them happy whilst you are away. There will also be cuddles, feeding and watering. We will also let your cat in and out and clean and change your cat litter tray, whichever is applicable to your cat.

Smaller Animals

We offer Pet Sitting for your small furry pets – gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds. We will feed and water them as well as clean out bedding and any playtime or exercise as requested by you.

Midlothian Happy Paws Pet Sitting is a half an hour per visit and we can offer multiple visits within a day, for example morning and night.

Midlothian Happy Paws are also happy to pick up your mail, water plants, close curtains, turn lights on/off whilst you are away and attending to your pet.

This is a favourable Pet Service for peace of mind whilst you are away, we will send you updates of how your furry friend is getting on and what they are up to. You can also keep up to date via our Facebook and Instagram profiles.