Midlothian Happy Paws Pet Visits are aimed for Puppies, Older Dogs and Injured Dogs for the days you are either at work, out for the evening or perhaps you are running late and need us to pop in to your dog.

The Midlothian Happy Paws Pet Visit service is a visit to give your puppy a stretch of the legs and bathroom break. A Pet Visit can greatly assist Puppies with overcoming separation anxiety, as well as giving them exposure to the world and all the new noises and smells around them - setting them up for their adult life.

The Pet Visit is also beneficial to the Older or Injured Dog to keep them mobile by giving them a gentle stretch of the legs and again that much needed bathroom break- which can occur more frequently in the more senior dog or those on medication.

Midlothian Happy Paws Pet Visits also break up the day and can reduce boredom, separation anxiety etc. Dogs benefit from company and human interaction; we love how dogs are always happy to see you no matter what day or time it is. During our visit we will play, cuddle and of course give lots of strokes and feed/top up water if required.